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Play from April to September at Hunts Farm Sports Ground, Timsbury.

Founded over 10 years ago the club is thriving, informal and friendly. All the club’s facilities and equipment are available to members and their guests every day between April and September.

An informal and friendly club – we normally play:

Mondays: Golf Croquet †
Tuesdays: Association Croquet *
Wednesday: Golf Croquet.
Thursday: Decided by those who turn up.

What is Croquet?

Just knocking balls through hoops? There is a little more to it than meets the eye. The hoops are only 3 – 6mm wider than the balls and your opponents will be trying their best to stop your progress by blocking you or cannoning your ball away.

A croquet player’s strike to successfully score a hoop from 20 meters is just as satisfying as the golfer’s drive from tee to green or indeed a 20 meter putt!

There are two games, Golf Croquet and Association Croquet*. Beginners are usually advised to start with Golf Croquet which can be very demanding but is undoubtedly less frustrating for beginners.

Golf Croquet

2 players with 2 balls each or 2 pairs of players with 1ball each. Everyone plays one stroke in turn, so all have an equal number of strokes. You all stay on the lawn together and partners frequently discuss tactics between strokes. Once any player makes a hoop, all players then try for the next hoop and/or block or canon their opponents to hamper them. Sounds simple!

For more Golf Croquet information, click here

Golf Croquet “Mixins” are held on Monday afternoons.

*Association Croquet

Players take lawn in turn. Your aim, to pass your two balls through all 6 hoops and back again to finish at peg before your opponent. A miss ends turn. Extra strikes are earned if your ball runs a hoop or hits another ball, a “roquet”, which earns the “croquet” stroke of the balls whilst in contact driving both for advantage and a further stroke. Tactically, “like snooker on grass”.

This is ‘real croquet’ to its aficionados!

For more information on Association Croquet, click here


Are you interested?

All necessary equipment is provided by the club.

New members of any age or experience are welcome to a free trial game or two. Come along to a “mixin” at 2pm on either afternoon to “have a go” or just to watch.

For more information contact Julie Gale (Secretary) on 01794 501043 or John Smith (Captain) on 01794 340341.