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O.K. so you probably won’t be able to grow GGGGiant pumpkins like these at your first attempt but you can grow a magnificent 100lb plus pumpkin without too much trouble (with a bit of luck and some good manure).

The Bear and Ragged Staff Pumpkin Club is one of the oldest pumpkin growing clubs in the country. Jack MacMaster, the landlord of the Bear and a few of his regulars, back in the late 1960’s started the club in an informal sort of way, and members have met 3 or 4 times a year ever since. We don’t take things too seriously. We just aim to enjoy growing pumpkins and other giant vegetables for our Grand Pumpkin Show held every year, in the first week of October at the Bear.

It’s as simple as that. Oh yes, and we make sure we raise a few pounds for needy local groups and charities. Over £4,000 at the last count. We make sure we have a bit of fun on show night and our friends, The Kings Korner Band always come along for a sing song.

If you’re interested and have a spare corner in the garden contact Phil Hutchins the Chairman to join. It’s only £2.00 a year. We can give you seeds of some truly huge pumpkins, and we can supply growing instructions (but not compensation for your slipped disc when you try to move your mega pumpkin in October).

Contact Club Chairman Phil Hutchins 01794 368117 email

Look out for the Grand Pumpkin Show at the Bear and Ragged Staff each October