Timsbury Pre-school is a registered charity run by a voluntary committee of parents of the children attending the Pre-school. It is based at Jubilee Hall, a modern building with good indoor facilities and a large outdoor play area in a lovely rural setting.

We are an equal opportunity Pre-school affiliated with The Pre-school Learning Alliance, Children’s Links and registered with Hampshire County Council and the ‘Services for Young Children’ to accept children from the age of 2 years 3 months.

Our aim is to help children become confident and secure in order to be better prepared for school.
Children are encouraged to develop at their own pace through high quality play which is tailored to individual needs. We provide a safe, happy, relaxed and stimulating environment in order for children to have fun, make friends and learn as they play. Our sessions run..

Monday: 9.30-12.30 or 9:30-1:30 (with lunch club)

Tuesday: 09:30-1:30 and 09:30-02:30
(both with lunch club) and 09:30-12:30

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 9.30-12.30

Friday: 9.30-2.30 (With lunch club) or 9.30-12.30

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For more information or to arrange a visit please call 01794 368976 during Pre-school hours, or click the button to contact us

Registered Charity No.1026092
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