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Michelmersh Barn

The Barn at Old Michelmersh Farm is situated on Church Road, Michelmersh –  just south of St. Mary’s Church.  This historical Grade II listed building is a popular venue for weddings, family parties, and local community events.  For further details on hiring the venue, please email Elaine Roberts at ellie@rusticbarnevents.com

We are open for business and welcome weddings and other events for 2018 and 2019.

We are offering significant discounts for 2018 weddings.

Please visit our website: www.rusticbarnevents.com for more information and prices.

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  1. Malcolm Jacobs 6th June 2016 at 2:38 pm - Reply

    It was so nice the other day to call in as I was passing by on my way back to Yorkshire to reach back into times past.

    I happened to enquire to confirm the original site of Laundry Cottage and to find those that still remembered my great great aunties (in more ways than one).

    I recall our visits to them in the 1960’s, when if memory serves me right, there was only pumped water and no electricity. Or if there was electricity, nobody seemed to be allowed to use it! And how the car struggled to make it up the hill.

    My visits are probably the reason for disliking tea so much. I couldn’t really cope with the goats milk. And I was so scared when the goats kicked the shed as I passed round the back of the cottage. To attempt to front route meant braving the bees. The goats seemed to enjoy that.

    I was so pleased at the efforts being made to keep something of the village, and to be honest, apart from the fact that Laundry Cottage is no more – a shame but perhaps inevitable – little else seemed to have changed, and the memories came flooding back.

    I am the / a(?) great grandson of Mary Rogers (the eldest sister of Priscilla and Emily) who married Jacob Jacobs at the church in 1908. A relative (unknown to me) provided my late father Gerald Jacobs (son of Helena Jacobs – daughter of Jacob and Mary) with a newspaper transcript of their wedding which I will try to find again. I will also check for any other documents, photographs, cine film etc that I may have of Laundry Cottage that might be of interest to you and help with your project.

    I look forward to keeping in touch and maybe even be able to reconnect with long lost family members or those that remember the Rogers and Jacobs.

    Best wishes for keeping something of the past in the present for the future.

    Malcolm Jacobs (Holmfirth)

    • Alan Jacobs 3rd October 2016 at 2:47 pm - Reply

      Hello Malcolm,

      I happened to see your message whilst researching my family history.

      I am your first cousin, first removed. My late father, Frederick George Jacobs, was your dad’s uncle.

      If my memory serves me correctly, you and your dad visited us at home in East Sheen around 1977.

      Earlier this year, I visited Michelmersh church to view family tombstones to aid my research – you may be aware Helena’s and Frederick’s memorial stones are also located there.

      The first time I visited Priscilla and Emily at Laundry Cottage was in 1958, and have wonderful memories of a beautiful spring day walking from Mottisfont railway station to the cottage and spending time there. They had, I think, about ten cats, goats,chickens and a Labrador called Major. This was the day after attending your parent’s wedding in Totton. An all together memorable weekend. The last time I visited was in 1973, by which time Priscilla and Emily were beginning to find it difficult to maintain the land. A trusty scythe was found, so I rolled up my shirt sleeves to help cut back the grass and weeds.

      I do hope we may stay in touch and share more memories and perhaps family matters.

      Kind regards


  2. Susan phipp 5th September 2016 at 9:34 am - Reply

    Malcolm – I have only just found this – I to remember this Miss Rogers very well I used to play in the garden in amongst the million washing lines !!!!

    My grandma was Doreen Jacobs and our ancestors (Jacobs) have been in the village since the 1700’s I believe – we still live in Michelmersh –

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