Parish Council meetings are normally held on the 4th Wednesday of each month, except in August and December when the Parish Council does not meet.

Meeting agendas will be posted on the village noticeboards and on this website at least three working days before the meeting. Noticeboards are located at the top of New Road and outside the Jubilee Hall.

A Clerk’s Report containing the Parish Council’s monthly financial summary will also be posted on this website.

Supporting documentation to agenda items will be posted on the website as and when necessary.

To view the current year’s agendas, clerk’s reports, and minutes, please use the calendar below.

To view the agenda archive from earlier years please click here»

To view the minutes from earlier years please click here»

For Governance Working Party agendas and minutes please click here»

Dates of Meetings

Year: 2016

6th January 2016 Minutes 27th January 2016 Minutes 24th February 2016 Minutes
 23rd March 2016  Minutes  27th April 2016  Minutes  16th May 2016  Annual Parish  Minutes
 25th May 2016  Minutes  1st June 2016  Planning Minutes  29th June 2016  Minutes
 20th July 2016  Minutes  28th September 2016 Minutes  17th October 2016  Planning


 26th October 2016  Minutes  23rd November 2016         Minutes

Year: 2017

 4th January 2017 Minutes 25th January 2017  Minutes 22nd February 2017  Minutes
22nd March 2017 Minutes  26th April 2017  Minutes  APM 15th May 2017   Minutes
 Extra Meeting 15th May 2017  Minutes AMPC  24th May 2017  Draft Minutes  28th June 2017  Minutes
 26th July 2017 Minutes  Extra Meeting 29th August 2017 Minutes  27th September 2017 Minutes
 18th October 2017 Minutes  22nd November 2017 Minutes  23rd January 2018  Minutes

Year: 2018

23rd January Minutes 28th February Minutes 28th March Minutes
 25th April Minutes 9th May (Planning) Minutes APM 9th May Draft Minutes
AMPC 23rd May Minutes 27th June Minutes 25th July Minutes
22nd August (Extra) Minutes 26th September Minutes 23rd October Minutes
28th November Minutes